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    Beijing Xindafei Electronic Technology Development Co. Ltd was established in year 1999.We are a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, produce and sales of High Frequency Switch Power. We own best technology management, quality guarantee and before and after sales service. We have integrated sales system spread in Shanghai , Zhuhai, Guangzhou , Nanjin, Xi'an and Wuhan . Our products are made of high quality electronic components and electro-magnetic materials which from domestic and overseas suppliers. Our manufacture process is strictly followed up with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems. Our annual defect rate is less than 0.5%, and our produces are gained good reputation in this field. Our products are widely used many fields, such as programmable control exchanger, communication equipments, aviation and aerospace industry, automobile and shipping industry, medical equipment, automatic industrial control equipment, data collecting, instrument, railway signal system, electric power protection and military industry.
    Our company has three product assembling-lines, including DC/DC, AC/DC converter and DC/AC ringing signal generators, more than 1,000 kind of products with power range from 0.5 to 150 W. Moreover, our products can be specialized made upon requirements from customers. We are looking forward to get your response and please free to ask for our samples. You can always visit our website http://www.kei16.cn/. We wish to keep a co-operation in a long-term and friendly circumstance.

    • ISO9001:2000認證(中文)
    • ISO9001:2000認證(英文)
    • CE證書
    • CE證書
    • CE證書
    • RoHS證書
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